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Become An It Works Distributor

When I first became an It Works distributor, there was hardly any information out there for me to really understand how the company works. I wanted to hear from actual distributors, real people making a living with this, and not just the company, It Works Global. That’s why this page is so important for YOU. Because I want you to know firsthand from me, an actual It Works distributor, what the deal is and why this opportunity is honestly the best decision I’ve ever made, and the best decision YOU will ever make.

Before I get into the facts, I just want this to be known. I originally found out about It Works Global because I was looking for a way to look better. Plain and simple. I got excited about their It Works Ultimate Body Applicator and I had to get my hands on it. I didn’t even know that I could sell these wraps myself and make money. All I cared about at the time was losing my tummy and looking hot in my bikini. I recently moved to Florida at the time, and really, what else is everyone concerned with down here anyway? ūüėČ Once I saw my stomach shrink overnight, I called up the distributor I got an It Works Body Wrap from the NEXT DAY, and I think the first thing I said after HELLO was “I want to sign up to sell these!” If you want to see my personal results and read my story, click here.

Can I Actually Make Money Doing This?

I don’t know… you tell me ūüėČ

It Works Distributor
You could at MINIMUM¬†pay back your initial $100 investment, and with a little hard work up to $1,000 in the first month is easily obtainable. While doing this part time along with your current job, your earning potential in the first couple of months can be between $700 and $3,000. But when you see the potential and the money literally rolling in, that’s when it gets GOOD. There are countless stories I know of distributors that were able to quit their full time jobs in less than a year. Some of them even at 6 months! These people earn at least $6,000 – $10,000 a MONTH (on the LOW end)… yours truly included. You can’t buy these products in any stores. They aren’t “as seen on tv”, they are absolutely original. You’re selling a UNIQUE product that legitimately WORKS, and EVERYONE wants it! The financial potential with this company is out of this world. Dan and I actually just¬†bought a brand new RV¬†over the summer, and a pretty truck to go with it so we could travel the country living and working full time from our house on wheels. So far the journey has been absolutely amazing. But this is what I’m talking about! This is the type of money that we are making in this business, because it’s there to be made! We have the freedom to do ANYTHING WE WANT TO. Can you say that? More importantly, DO YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO? :)

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I don’t have a family yet, but I do know that if I did, I would want to spend every last second with them. That is one of the biggest advantages to working from home. You work for yourself. You have your FREEDOM. All because you are making enough money SO EASILY. It’s that simple. Being an It Works distributor is most likely the easiest and biggest paycheck you will ever have.

Okay, so how do i get started?

It’s super easy! There is a one time enrollment fee of $99.¬†Once enrolled as¬†a distributor, you’re¬†able to sell any product in the It Works Global line for as long as you choose. When I first started, I didn’t think I would make $100 in my first month, let alone almost $800 like I actually did. Nor did I ever expect that I would still be doing this, very successfully, almost 3 years later as you read this.

it works distributor


it works distributor


I’ve seen other people selling these products. my own sister is even a distributor. why¬†would¬†i sign up under you and not them?

Because I know what I’m doing. I didn’t just become a distributor a couple of months ago. This isn’t a sales page. I¬†didn’t hire¬†a ghostwriter to come up with a bunch of text that will reel you in. This is me, and it’s who you would be dealing with the entire journey of your business. I didn’t have help when I started. I went through every trial and error you could possibly go through before getting it right, so I know exactly what to tell you to make sure you AVOID¬†all of that on your first go. I have people AT LEAST once a day that aren’t on my team and signed up under someone else, contacting me and asking me for help because they get no answers from their upline. I also have people at least TWICE a day contacting me that want to leave who they signed up under and enroll again under me. They contact me about these things because they see the success I’ve had. Whether it’s selling wraps for It Works Global, or working a typical 9-5 office job somewhere, your success is based on your hard work, and even more so, the person above you that you should be trying to emulate. You aren’t a number when you join our¬†team. We will not forget who you are, and we will make sure you are doing everything¬†you should be doing to get where we are today.

Somehow, while having no help, I managed to still make $750 in my very first month. This is 10x as much as the average first month distributor makes. I’ve been making OVER 5x as much as that ever since. I remember when the first check came through that showed 5 figures… I thought I was rich, LOL, because it was more in one month than I ever made with any of my other jobs COMBINED. We are incredibly grateful and¬†owe everything and then some to this business. I made a promise to myself that when I started building MY team, I would be there for them… and not only just be there for them, but literally hand them everything on a silver platter. I have a special secret area of my¬†website that is just for the distributors on my team. It literally gives ALL of my tricks and tips that I came up with and that I saw WORKING, as well as important information, tutorials, instructions, step by step procedures, downloads, free blitz¬†card design, etc. You name it, My team GETS IT. There’s a secret Facebook Group as well, and all distributors¬†on my team are on it. This¬†is nice because when I don’t have a second, people can still ask questions and get answers from each other. Dan and I are also available anytime via phone, text, email, Skype, etc. We love what we do, and it shows.¬†That’s why my group has been so successful.

it all sounds amazing, but i’ve never sold anything before…

That’s lovely, because¬†I don’t WANT¬†you to be a salesperson. I want you to fall in love with our amazing products and tell everyone about them just like you would your favorite restaurant or store. That is ALL I DO. I used the product, had amazing results, showed my photos, and people were hooked. You show people pictures of what the product does. Remember this is a FIRST TO MARKET product, so we have¬†ZERO COMPETITION. The only way to actually get your hands on any of these products is through an official distributor and only an official distributor. Period.¬†I’ve never sold anything before either… because I‚Äôm not a seller. I actually can’t stand it because I‚Äôm always afraid of bothering people. I know some people can just sell ice to an Eskimo, lol, but I want no part of it. It makes me uncomfortable, and I would rather crawl under a rock. So if you‚Äôre afraid of selling, don’t be, because in essence, you dont actually do the typical sales thing.¬†You aren’t selling a¬†personalized tote bag. You aren’t selling a candle.¬†You have a product at your disposal that people not only want, but will always want because every single person in this world wants to look GOOD. These products sell themselves. This is why I can tell you with 100% truth, if I¬†can do this, ANYONE can.

YOU can do this.

how do i start making money?

it works distributor

it works distributor

it works distributor

wait… this sounds like network marketing. this is one of those pyramid schemes isn’t it!?

Uh… no. If it was a “scheme”, my bank account would be a solid zero right now, and it’s not. Wanna know why? Because a pyramid scheme is illegal and doesn’t actually sell or carry any product. LOL. They just make false promises¬†with nothing to actually back up said promises, and after a very short time of “team building”, your little pyramid scheme goes buh-bye. It’s an unsustainable business model, of which It Works Global is the complete opposite. They’ve been around, very successfully, for nearly a decade. A pyramid scheme would never have the recognition an actual company has. Don’t believe me? Go to your nearest Barnes and Noble. Walk straight to the magazine area, and look for OUR VERY OWN MAGAZINE right there on the shelf called The Wrap! :) Grab a skinny latte, sit down and stay awhile.¬†I don’t do pyramid schemes. That’s also¬†why I don’t work for corporate America, where you work your tail¬†off to make your boss, CEO and share holders rich, and you are just a dime a dozen. The girl that signed me up, I passed¬†her in rank by 3 levels. So draw a triangle, put her¬†at the top then put me 3 levels above her.

You can’t.

See? Not a pyramid. We have all heard negative people say, “oh that’s just a pyramid scheme”… LOL when really they don’t even know what a pyramid scheme is.

still not convinced? watch this:

I want you on my team!

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