Mondays Don't Suck... Your JOB Does!

? People need to stop making status posts hating on Mondays. ?

Mondays don’t suck.☝️️Your JOB does.

I haven’t thought about a Monday in about 4 years. Being an it works distributor and selling these products has given me complete freedom to do☝️️anything I want,☝️️whenever I want. Every single day is ? vacation day for us. ?Most of you probably woke up early to hop in the ? shower, get yourself ? done, drive to work, sit in traffic ? DURING your drive to work, etc – and you got to your desk and already wanted to be back at home.

Me? I got up☝️️without having to hit a snooze button, made my breakfast, relaxed on the couch watching the news, answered whatever emails I had from overnight, and now I’m writing this to you while enjoying a nice cup of tea ☕️

☝️️maybe you got to your desk and you’re reading this post right now and thinking, wow this b*tch has nerve. unreal that she throws it in my face that she has this amazing life. MUST….BE….NICE.

? and you know what? you’re damn right it’s nice! I LOVE mondays! I LOVE this “job”! I LOVE being able to make money from my home WITH my husband by my side! I LOVE that I don’t have a boss! I LOVE that I wasn’t comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE!

The point is, this is my life, not to mention my job… and I love every single second of it! Even MORE importantly, I live every day without ever having to look at a clock.

☝️️I KNOW what its like to have to watch a clock.
☝️️I KNOW what it’s like to wake up and have that 2 minute struggle with myself on whether I can call in sick – AGAIN – or potentially end up fired
☝️️I KNOW what it’s like to have to tell my friends and family, “I’m not sure I can get off that day”, and miss something MAJOR
☝️️I KNOW what its like to have to plan what I want to do around what my BOSS has planned for me instead.
☝️️I KNOW what its like to rush back to the office with half a sandwich?in my mouth because I only have 5 minutes left of my lunch break, and don’t want HR writing me up.

❗️THAT IS NOT A WAY TO LIVE. Thankfully, I no longer have to, and never will ever again.

Are you jealous yet? ?
You☝️️SHOULDN’T be.
Do you want to know why? ?

Because a fairy godmotherdidn’t come and wave her wand and give me this amazing opportunity and life. Me myself and I scraped pennies and whatever else I could find when I was flat out broke to get $99 together, and I signed up to become a distributor for It Works Global.☝️️I DIDN’T SIT BACK WAITING FOR MONEY.☝️️I DIDN’T STOP AFTER 3 WEEKS AND GIVE UP. INSTEAD, I WORKED. I worked HARD and STILL DO, which is why I have the lifestyle I have now. So when people tell me, ? “I’m so jealous you work for yourself and can do whatever you want”… ? I look at them and say the same thing every time…

“DON’T BE. because YOU can do this too if you really wanted to.”

so… do you want to?
☝️️do what you ? LOVE and you will never have a problem with Monday!

Ready yet? I’m waiting to sign you up to become an it works distributor! LETS GO!

About The Author

Jessica Pearson is a Triple Diamond with It Works! Global, promoting weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. You are so interesting! Ӏ don’t believe I’ve read throuɡh a single thing like this befⲟre.
    So nice to find another person with genuine thoughts on this subject matter.
    Serіously.. thɑnks for starting this up. This ѕite is one thing
    that is гequired on the weЬ, someone with а little ߋriginality!

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